Los Angeles footstep La Brea Tar Pits footprint about Pacific Ocean Miracle Mile Los Angeles Dinosa


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Los Angeles footstep La Brea Tar Pits footprint about Pacific Ocean Miracle Mile Los Angeles Dinosaur Sea lion Sand dollar.
Capability have large known too long before hipsters and holiday-makers were crowding Los Angeles' trendy Incredible Mile canton, dinosaurs are already doing the common. Paleontologist Betty Scott that have Cogstone Useful resource Management procures what states is rather part of their fossilized es lion cranium unearthed a fact construction deck hands dig their 70-foot disovery shaft... See great deal more that Are generally subway thrive on finds prehistoric artifacts

This vector contains the following main colors: Mine Shaft,Ironside Gray,Gurkha,Costa Del Sol,Mountain Mist
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footprint wiki:
[print is an impression left by a foot or shoe, for example an indentation in soft ground or snow, or a mark left by mud etc from the sole of the foot. Footprints can be useful in tracking the paths taken by people or animals in the recent past.In communications, a satellite's footprint is the area of the earth's surface from which its signals can be received.In computer science, the footprint of a piece of software is the portion of computing resources, typically RAM, CPU time and disc space, that it requires in order to operate.In product design, an item's footprint is the surface area it occupies. See also profile, form factor.Notions of a footprint as a sign of presence or a measure of size, influence or resource use have also been adopted in other fields. For example, in environmentalism a person's carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of natural resources they consume as part of their daily lives. See also ecological footprint. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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