Jellyfish Pets at the vancouver aquarium about Recreation Vancouver Aquarium


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Jellyfish Pets at the vancouver aquarium about Recreation Vancouver Aquarium.
Naturally i took our photo over the Sealife Aquarium tank on the Southbank this time. Here's a pleasurable fact all-around Jellyfish. An additional one word to suit Jellyfish has always been Medusa, in the event you familiar with Unusual Mythology, you'll be aware of that Medusa has dogs for wild hair, and spins anyone who discusses her on into healthy. Which is a the same effect to Jellyfish, are known for paralyses female... Have a look at more of which Pacific Nettle Jellyfish

This vector contains the following main colors: Azure Radiance,Science Blue,Midnight Blue,Bahama Blue,Pacific Blue
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Jellyfish wiki:
>This article is about jellyfish, the sea creatures. For the pop band, see Jellyfish (band). Stauromedusae Coronatae Semaeostomeae - Disc jellyfish Rhizostomae Jellyfish (also called jellies or sea jellies as they are not true fish, nor are they made of jelly) are animals that belong to Phylum Cnidaria, included in the class Scyphozoa (from Greek skyphos "cup" and zoon "animal"). The name "jellyfish" is also often used for the related classes of medusae (Hydrozoa) and box jellyfish (Cubozoa). Almost all jellyfish live in the seas and though they lack true organ structures they feature specialized tissues. The adult forms of these creatures are composed of 94-98% water. All species are found in each of the world's oceans, with a few species living in fresh water. Most jellyfish are passive drifters that feed on small fish and zooplankton that become caught in their tentacles. Jellyfish have an incomplete digestive system, meaning that the same orifice is used for both food intake and waste expulsion. They are Coelenterates which means "hollow gut", and are made up of a layer of epidermis, gastrodermis, and a thick jelly-like layer called mesoglea that separates the epidermis from the gastrodermis. See more at

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