Goldfish Fish doodle about Pets Recreation Freshwater Fish and Aquaria Aquarium


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Goldfish Fish doodle about Pets Recreation Freshwater Fish and Aquaria Aquarium.
A player typed "my golfball goldfish won't eat" and found their way to theloveculture. I know the main panic the main goldfish enrouler must be experiencing. I know the main desperation pointing to not knowing what do you do and in which to go to when help. Getting a last measure, N drove good clinic to locate a vet nearly our goldfish. The doctor ever before laughed numerous him if he said your own... Catch sight of more of "My Golfball Goldfish Refuse to Eat" besides other Goldfish Spouse's Dilemma...

This vector contains the following main colors: Onahau,Malibu,Anakiwa,White,Cornflower
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doodle wiki:
e first appeared in the early seventeenth century to mean a fool or simpleton, and is thought to derive from the Low German "dudeltopf", meaning "fool" or "simpleton". This in turn resulted in the early eighteenth century verb "to doodle", meaning "to swindle or to make a fool of". The most common modern meaning, an aimless drawing while a person's attention is otherwise occupied, emerged in the 1930s either from this meaning or from the verb "to dawdle", which since the seventeenth century has had the meaning of wasting time or being lazy. See more at

Goldfish wiki:
dfish (Carassius auratus auratus) was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated, and is still one of the most commonly-kept aquarium fish. A relatively small member of the carp family (which also includes the Koi carp and the Crucian carp), the goldfish is a domesticated version of a dark-gray/olive/brown carp native to East Asia (first domesticated in China) that was introduced to Europe in the late 17th Century. It may grow to a maximum length of 23 inches (59.0 cm) and a maximum weight of 6.6 lb (3.0 kg), although this is rare; most individuals grow to under half this size. See more at

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