crocodile swimming in dark light


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crocodile swimming in dark light.
What we learnt... Just 17 of the world's 190 countries contain 70 percent of its biodiversity, earning them the title "megadiverse." India is one of these megadiverse countries with 2.4% of the land area, accounting for 7-8% of the species of the world, including about 91,000 species of animals and 45,500 species of plants, which have been... See more that Biodiversity

This vector contains the following main colors: Black,Deep Fir,Madras,Mine Shaft,Costa Del Sol


    Crocodile Golf Cancún Mexico Golf carts Dougie Thomson Wishaw Glasgow Swimming Zoo Reptile Black Deep Fir Madras Mine Shaft Costa Del Sol

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Swimming wiki:
ming is the method by which living creatures move themselves through water in a method not involving simply walking on the bottom. Swimming is a popular recreational activity and a competitive sport. There are many health benefits of swimming, but it also entails risks if basic precautions are not taken. See more at

Zoo wiki:
ogical garden, or zoo for short, is a place where animals are restricted within artificial environments and exhibited to the public.The first zoos were private menageries, usually belonging to kings. King Charles I started a zoo with a large python snake as the main attraction. The first public zoological garden was created in Vienna in 1752, when the Habsburg Emperors decided to grant public access to the former privately-owned Schönbrunn Palace menagerie, now called Tiergarten Schönbrunn. After the French Revolution, the Paris zoo was opened to the public. See more at

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