badger dog side view with white background


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badger dog side view with white background.

This photo resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: White,Madras,Black,Mine Shaft,Buccaneer


    Nature Hot Dogs Sausage Hotdog Legged Wiener White Madras Black Mine Shaft Buccaneer

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[erm Dogs, when used by itself can refer to: The plural of dogDogs, a song by Pink Floyd See more at]

Sausage wiki:
e consists of ground meat and other animal parts, herbs and spices, and possibly other ingredients, generally packed in a casing (traditionally the intestines of the animal), and preserved in some way. See also the main articles on Sausage Making and Meat Curing. There is no consensus whether similar products that are not packed in casings, such as pâté, meatloaf, scrapple and head cheese should be considered sausages. Pieces of sausage—often not including casing—are a popular topping for pizza in many countries. See more at

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