Golden Retriever sam Dogs about Pets Recreation Sporting-Gundog Group Breeds Puppy


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Golden Retriever sam Dogs about Pets Recreation Sporting-Gundog Group Breeds Puppy.
Caution: This video clips may cause unrestrainable squees, oohs, awws, along with heart-melting. It is certainly not intended for that cannot acknowledge high rythme of cuteness well. This type of video ought to be watched a mere with best puppy help, as followers may become spheres of light mush. Actually about to perspective is the most heavenly Golden Dog puppy shooting a... Find out more in which it Adorable Chance to Retriever Pup Taking a Bath

This vector contains the following main colors: Ironside Gray,Mountain Mist,Mine Shaft,Copper Rose,Black
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Golden Retriever wiki:
den Retriever is a relatively modern and very popular breed of dog. It was developed as a retrieving dog to use while hunting wild fowl. Today it is one of the most common family dogs as it is easy to handle, very tolerant and does not require very much of the owners, other than regular exercise, food and veterinary check-ups. It is often affectionately known as Golden, or Goldie. What makes the Golden unique is its pleasing personality. This breed gets along well with people and other dogs. It will bark when startled but other than that, makes a poor watchdog due to its friendly nature. It is also easily trained because of the natural drive to please the master. This is a dog who wants only to be with people; is happy in the presence of people without being annoying or demanding. See more at

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