january desktop calendar wallpaper with green ribbon and blue background


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january desktop calendar wallpaper with green ribbon and blue background.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Bahama Blue,Midnight Blue,Smalt,Curious Blue,Mariner


    Calendar Desktop 2013 January Bahama Blue Midnight Blue Smalt Curious Blue Mariner

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Calendar wiki:
endar is a system for naming periods of time, typically days. These names are known as calendar dates. The dates may be based on the perceived motion of astronomical objects. A calendar is also a physical device (often paper) that illustrates the system (for example, a desktop calendar) — this is the most common usage of the word. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Desktop wiki:
>See also desktop computer. A desktop is the horizontal surface of a desk. It can support various objects, including:Pen holdersComputer monitorsComputer peripheralsThe top of a desk is easy to write onCalendarsMisc. objects (including coffee cups, Kleenex and computer mice)Models of ships, airplanes, human skulls, etc. etc; often referred to as desktop model(s) See more at Wikipedia.org...

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