watercolor pattern with flower art


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watercolor pattern with flower art.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Flower,Pattern,Hand,Watercolor,Dream,Painted,Layered,Hand painted style

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Pink,Peach Orange,Lemon Chiffon,Mona Lisa


    Flower Pattern Hand Watercolor Dream Painted Layered Hand painted style White Pink Peach Orange Lemon Chiffon Mona Lisa

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Flower wiki:
>This article is about the plants; for other uses see Flower (disambiguation). Flower (Latin flos, floris; French fleur), a term popularly used for the bloom or blossom of a plant, is the reproductive structure of those plants classified as angiosperms (flowering plants; Division Magnoliophyta). The flower structure incorporates the reproductive organs, and its function is to produce seeds through sexual reproduction. For the higher plants, seeds are the next generation, and serve as the primary means by which individuals of a species are dispersed across the landscape. After fertilization, portions of the flower develop into a fruit containing the seed(s). See more at Wikipedia.org...

Pattern wiki:
[he martial arts related meaning of Pattern see Tae Kwon Do and Kata (Karate).A pattern is a form, template, or model (or, more abstractly, a set of rules) which can be used to make or to generate things or parts of a thing, especially if the things that are generated have enough in common for the underlying pattern to be inferred or discerned, in which case the things are said to exhibit the pattern. Pattern matching is the act of checking for the presence of the constituents of a pattern. The detection of underlying patterns is called pattern recognition. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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