shenyang landmark buildings layered material over orange red background


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shenyang landmark buildings layered material over orange red background.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Business,Technology,City,Building,Line,Buildings,Science,Tv,Tower,Layered,Lily,Estate,Fine,Real,Forbidden,Forbidden city,Landmark,Radius,Science and technology,Sunbird,Tv tower

This vector contains the following main colors: Red Stage,Grenadier,Orange Peel,Piper,Golden Tainoi
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Business wiki:
[o at least three closely related commercial topics. The first is a commercial, professional or industrial organization or enterprise, generally referred to as "a business." The second is commercial, professional, and industrial activity generally, as in "business continues to evolve as markets change." Finally, business can be used to refer to a particular area of economic activity, such as the "record business" or the "computer business" (see Industry). This article is concerned primarily with the first definition of individual businesses, but also contains links to general business and management topics, in the sense of the second definition. See more at]

Technology wiki:
>See also: Innovation Technology is a word with origins in the Greek word technologia (τεχνολογια), techne (τεχνη) "craft" + logia (λογια) "saying". It is an encompassing term dealing with the knowledge of humanity's tools and crafts. Depending on context, technology is:the techniques (knowledge) that includes methods, materials, tools, and processes for solving a problem (such as building technology or medical technology);the result of objectifying nature (due to lack of contentment with it) which has led humanity into an age of dependancy upon their created machines -- the system of technology seeks to strenghen and perpetuate itself even at the expense of it's creators who often don't fully understand the consequences of their actions (because of a socially limiting division of labor). a culture-forming (or destroying) activity (such as manufacturing technology, infrastructure technology, or space-travel technology). (McGinn)an encompasing term to describe the level of achievement in science, mathematics and engineering of a group or culture. This would not include primitive societies which, although sustainable, are often destroyed by unsustainable technological economics, technology is the current state of our knowledge of how to combine resources to produce desired products (and our knowledge of what can be produced). See more at

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