purple planet hd arounded with star ribbon


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purple planet hd arounded with star ribbon.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Black,Mardi Gras,Finn,Jacarta,Mine Shaft


    Planet Purple star ribbon Black Mardi Gras Finn Jacarta Mine Shaft

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Planet wiki:
anet">planet in common parlance is a large object in orbit around a star that is not a star itself. The name comes from the Greek term πλανήτης, planētēs, meaning "wanderer", as ancient astronomers noted how certain lights moved across the sky in relation to the other stars. The International Astronomical Union lists nine planets in our solar system, based on historical consensus. Since the term planet has no scientific definition, many astronomers contest that figure, with some saying it should be lowered to eight (removing Pluto from the list), and others claiming it should be raised to fifteen, about twenty, or even dozens, depending on the definition used. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Purple wiki:
[he history of cryptography, 97-shiki-obun In-ji-ki (九七式欧文印字機) ("System 97 Printing Machine for European Characters") or Angooki Taipu B (暗号機B型) ("Type B Cipher Machine"), codenamed PURPLE by the United States, was a diplomatic cryptographic machine used by the Japanese Foreign Office during, and just before, World War II. The machine was an electromechanical stepping-switch device. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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