korean style summer background layered material including bubble


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korean style summer background layered material including bubble.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Cornflower,Onahau,Malibu,Turquoise Blue,Anakiwa


    Summer Bubble Dream Korean Layered Symphony Cornflower Onahau Malibu Turquoise Blue Anakiwa

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bubble wiki:
e may refer to:a pocket of air or gas caught within a solid or liquid (see cavitation)a spherical liquid film (often of surfactant, occasionally of bubble gum) filled with air or gas, such as a soap bubbleBubble (economics), where speculation causes prices to rise to unsustainable levelsa metaphor for isolation (e.g. 'living in a bubble')a (normally) transparent domeLight bulb, in theater lighting terminology [1]in poker tournaments, the last player to lose without winning any money (e.g. going out 'on the bubble')in reference to sports, a team that is on the verge of making the postseason is considered to be "on the bubble"In reference to friendships, Hollieann and Olivia are "bubbles". (e.g. "Bubble!" "We're pretty bubbly, y'know!" See more at Wikipedia.org...

dream wiki:
[ for "Drug Resources Enhancement against Aids and Malnutrition", formerly "Drug Resource Enhancement against AIDS in Mozambique") is an AIDS therapy program promoted by the Christian Community of Sant'Egidio. It is designed to give access to free ARV treatment with generic HAART drugs to the poor in Africa on a large scale: So far, 5.000 people are receiving ARV treatment, especially in Mozambique, but the program is being built up also in other countries: Malawi, Guinea, Tanzania and others. Despite being free, the program aims at excellence in treatment, providing the best existent range of drugs (HAART) and regular blood testing according to European standards. It is linked with a nutrition program as well as guidance and sanitary education by volunteers (other HIV patients taking part in the program), which encourages new patients to comply and come to the appointments. The compliance rate is very high (94 percent). The annual cost per person and year of the program is $800. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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