korean children illustrator with grass and boy on the golden ball


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korean children illustrator with grass and boy on the golden ball.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Children,Child,Grass,Illustrator,Korean,Baiyun,South,South korean illustrator

This vector contains the following main colors: Cornflower,White,Onahau,Malibu,Pale Canary


    Children Child Grass Illustrator Korean Baiyun South South korean illustrator Cornflower White Onahau Malibu Pale Canary

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Child wiki:
d (plural: children) is a young human. Depending on context it may mean someone who is not yet an adult, or someone who has not yet reached puberty (someone who is prepubescent).Child is also the opposite of parent: adults are the children of their parents despite their maturation beyond infancy; for example "Benjamin, aged 26, is the child of Tobias, aged 63". Similarly in a generalized sense, see child node. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Grass wiki:
>This article is about plants; for other uses of the term, see Grass (disambiguation) Grass generally describes a monocotyledonous green plant characterized by slender leaves, called blades, which usually grow arching upwards from the ground. Plants that are botanically regarded as "true" grasses fall into the flowering plant family, Poaceae. However, there are other plants outside this plant family that have similar appearance, and are commonly referred to as grasses, or have "grass" as part of their name. These include:China grass, more commonly known as Ramie (Boehmeria nivea), a nettle grown for bast fibres, in the Family UrticaceaeDitch grass or Wigeon grass (Ruppia maritima) in the Family RuppiaceaeFish grass (Cabomba caroliniana), a freshwater aquaticGoosegrass (Galium aparine)Mondo grass or Lily turf (Ophiopogon japonicus), an Asian ornamental ground coverNutgrass, a common lawn pest (Cyperus rotundus) in the Family CyperaceaePepper grasses (Lipidium spp.) in the family BrassicaceaeSawgrass, abundant in sub-tropical marshlands (Cladium spp.) in the Family CyperaceaeScurvy-grass (Cochlearia species) in the Family BrassicaceaeScurvy-grass Sorrel (Oxalis enneaphylla) in the Family OxalidaceaeSeagrasses, including Eel grass (Zostera spp.)"Sleeping grass" (Mimosa pudica) a legume (Family Fabaceae) and lawn weedXyridaceae, known as the yellow-eyed grass family See more at Wikipedia.org...

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