classical dragon layered material with golden ribbon and red background


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classical dragon layered material with golden ribbon and red background.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Chinese,Dragon,Layered,Classical,Chinese style,Layered material,Long,Results,Wishful

This vector contains the following main colors: Lonestar,Red Berry,Sycamore,Piper,Stiletto


    Chinese Dragon Layered Classical Chinese style Layered material Long Results Wishful Lonestar Red Berry Sycamore Piper Stiletto

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Chinese wiki:
[o anything pertaining to China, or:Chinese language, a Sino-Tibetan languageChinese people, people of Chinese ethnicityHan Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in China See more at]

Dragon wiki:
on is a mythological creature, typically depicted as a large and powerful serpent or other reptile, with magical or spiritual qualities. See more at

Classical wiki:
assical has several meanings:Pertaining to the societies of the classical antiquity, ancient Greece or Rome. For example, the Greek and Latin languages, classical architecture and the cult of the Olympian gods. See also Greek mythology and Roman mythology. The study of all the foregoing may bear the name of the classics. The Term High Classical refers to Greek art associated mainly with Athens and the works atop the acropolis created during the time of Perikles. See more at

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