blue flowers layered material painted by hand


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blue flowers layered material painted by hand.
"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." ~Alan Watts Change is seen in so much of nature with seasons, geography, the aging of things and landscapes wear away by water or wind yet I feel so alive surrounded by nature. Today I am thankful for nature and the changes nature teaches me and... See more that A watercolor nature art, nature smiles with flowers.

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Onahau,Azure,Curious Blue,Danube
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>This article is about the plants; for other uses see Flower (disambiguation). Flower (Latin flos, floris; French fleur), a term popularly used for the bloom or blossom of a plant, is the reproductive structure of those plants classified as angiosperms (flowering plants; Division Magnoliophyta). The flower structure incorporates the reproductive organs, and its function is to produce seeds through sexual reproduction. For the higher plants, seeds are the next generation, and serve as the primary means by which individuals of a species are dispersed across the landscape. After fertilization, portions of the flower develop into a fruit containing the seed(s). See more at

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>For other uses, see Paint (disambiguation).For information on the U.S. borough, see Paint, Pennsylvania.Paint is the general term for a family of products used to protect and add color to an object or surface by covering it with a pigmented coating. As a verb, painting is the application of paint. One who paints is called a painter.Paint is very common and is applied to almost every kind of object. It is a method of producing art, an industrial coating, a driving aid (lane markings), a preservative (rust-prone steel auto bodies), on interior walls, on exterior surfaces exposed to weather and has a myriad of other uses. See more at

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